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Having granite installed in your kitchen will improve it to incomparable beauty that not

only will make your house look fantastic it will also be a great investment. Wether you

are upgrading your kitchen to granite for the beauty or the investment I will provide quality

installation & service at a great price. Our skilled craftsmen will install your granite with

beautiful design. Performing excellent labor from our fabricators cutting, grinding and

polishing the stone to a marvelous finish, while our expert installers will leave your kitchen

looking extraordinary paying attention to the smallest detail to give you complete


Sandy gold granite wet bar
Absolute black granite fireplace surround
A kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you could do to your kitchen. Granite is the most practical upgrade you could do to your kitchen to increase value. First class granite installation for low priced granite countertops is the smartest decision you can make for your remodel project. Cheap granite countertops are very easy to come by, anyone with a truck and tools can charge you to work on your kitchen but only great priced granite can give you the prime installation you deserve for your kitchen at our lowest prices you will find in Houston or surrounding areas for the excellent quality craftsmanship we provide. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate today.
There is nothing more beautiful in your master bath than luxurious marble or granite draped over your shower walls or overlayed around your bath tub.
Complimented by beautiful vanity countertops accented with gorgeous under counter sinks. All this and more are services great priced granite can provide you with to make your master bath look exquisite. Not only do we create this magnificent eye catching scenery for you to admire for years to come, we do it at a very low price. If your interested in having your master bath or any bath remodeled in Houston or surrounding areas please feel free to contact great priced granite for a free estimate today.   
There is nothing like the elegance of granite countertops to provide a most relaxing environment when you are a enjoying time around your wet bars. Great priced granite has a variety of edge finishes from standard finishes that will definitely give you a wow feeling when you see the transformation granite countertops will give any area. We also have upgraded finishes that will amaze you to see that our craftsman are able to create for your granite countertops. The only thing more amazing than our work is only our low prices. Only someone with the experience of great priced granite can offer you such quality work at such a great price feel free to contact us at any time to have us give you a free estimate today.
We offer you low priced granite countertops for any room in your home, and we also offer you low priced granite installation for anything else you could imagine putting granite on. Covering fireplaces with granite is an excellent way to add beauty to your living areas. Granite fireplaces is only one of many more areas you could upgrade with granite, other ideas for you to consider would be summer kitchens, furniture, or built in desk. There are also accessories you could make with granite such as cutting boards for your kitchens or pencil holders for your desk, you could also create your own solid granite table for your kitchen or living area. If there is anything you would like to create with granite contact great priced granite and we would be more than happy to discuss various options for your ideas and provide you with granite samples for you to choose from.
Black Pearl granite kitchen
Orion granite tub surround
Laminate floors
Many love the look of hardwood flooring but need all of the advantages a laminate floor provides. It’s why laminate wood flooring is so popular, and nowadays it’s virtually indistinguishable from real wood flooring. Next to having solid hardwood floors, laminate floors are the next best thing. They are not only attractive, but durable as well. they will keep your home looking marvelous for years to come. Looking similar to real wood, laminate flooring can provide the same style and feel, but at a reduced cost. Contact great priced granite to receive your low priced estimate and quality work.

Wood laminate 12mm





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